Loan Checklist

Be Prepared for Your Loan Application

Providing these necessary documents will make the process easier and faster.

We want the mortgage application process to be as easy as possible for you. We’ve created a handy checklist to help you prepare for your application. Be mindful that all documents you submit must be the most recent. These requirements are very specific.


You can electronically provide the documentation to your loan officer. Keep in mind that this is a list of documents typically required when applying for a mortgage loan. As your loan officer receives your documentation, additional items may be required.


You can download and print the checklist here.

Property Information

  • Your executed purchase contract
  • A copy of your earnest money check or wire receipt
  • A settlement statement/closing disclosure showing the sale of your current home (if applicable)

Supporting Documentation

  • Copies of driver’s license for each applicant and permanent resident card, if applicable
  • Your most recent pay stubs that cover a 30-day period including year-to-date earnings
  • Signed personal tax returns (including all pages) and W-2s for the most recent two years
  • All pages of financial statements for each bank account, mutual fund, investment account, and assets you hold for the most recent two months
  • All pages of your most recent corporate or partnership tax returns, if you own more than 25 percent of the entity
  • If self-employed, copies of the past two years’ personal/business tax returns (Forms 1120, 1120S, 1065), if applicable
  • If you own a rental property, a copy of the current rental agreement, property tax information, and a copy of homeowner’s insurance
  • If you’re not selling your current home prior to purchasing a new home, provide a copy of mortgage coupon, property tax, and homeowner’s insurance information on current home
  • If you’re retired, your pension award letter
  • If you receive Social Security payments, your most recent Social Security award letter
  • If child support income will be used to qualify, a copy of your divorce settlement, three months of canceled child support checks, or 12 months of historic printouts from your county’s child support division

VA Loans

If you’re applying for a VA loan, we will need the following in addition to other documentation:

  • A copy of your DD Form 214, Report of Separation
  • Certificate of Eligibility